Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song

Cover of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Length (in words)22959
Unique words3372
Unique words (used once)1700
Unique words (used once %)50%
Unique kanji1114
Unique kanji (used once)266
Unique kanji readings1646
MAL avg. rating8.5
MAL rating count145587
Vocabulary list
Episode 1
Length (in words)2223
Words (per minute)123.8
Unique words761
Unique words (used once)468
Unique words (used once %)61%
Unique kanji428
Unique kanji (used once)180
Vocabulary list
Episode 2
Length (in words)1598
Words (per minute)117.2
Unique words617
Unique words (used once)415
Unique words (used once %)67%
Unique kanji396
Unique kanji (used once)196
Vocabulary list
Episode 3
Length (in words)2191
Words (per minute)124.4
Unique words815
Unique words (used once)549
Unique words (used once %)67%
Unique kanji504
Unique kanji (used once)248
Vocabulary list
Episode 4
Length (in words)1742
Words (per minute)101.5
Unique words681
Unique words (used once)445
Unique words (used once %)65%
Unique kanji421
Unique kanji (used once)195
Vocabulary list
Episode 5
Length (in words)1832
Words (per minute)119.7
Unique words709
Unique words (used once)490
Unique words (used once %)69%
Unique kanji458
Unique kanji (used once)229
Vocabulary list
Episode 6
Length (in words)1749
Words (per minute)102.9
Unique words565
Unique words (used once)343
Unique words (used once %)60%
Unique kanji379
Unique kanji (used once)197
Vocabulary list
Episode 7
Length (in words)1868
Words (per minute)112.3
Unique words689
Unique words (used once)455
Unique words (used once %)66%
Unique kanji393
Unique kanji (used once)191
Vocabulary list
Episode 8
Length (in words)2043
Words (per minute)128.3
Unique words686
Unique words (used once)449
Unique words (used once %)65%
Unique kanji387
Unique kanji (used once)192
Vocabulary list
Episode 9
Length (in words)1549
Words (per minute)109.3
Unique words529
Unique words (used once)349
Unique words (used once %)65%
Unique kanji329
Unique kanji (used once)184
Vocabulary list
Episode 10
Length (in words)1453
Words (per minute)105.8
Unique words543
Unique words (used once)345
Unique words (used once %)63%
Unique kanji302
Unique kanji (used once)164
Vocabulary list
Episode 11
Length (in words)1804
Words (per minute)113.4
Unique words667
Unique words (used once)431
Unique words (used once %)64%
Unique kanji404
Unique kanji (used once)190
Vocabulary list
Episode 12
Length (in words)1430
Words (per minute)103.7
Unique words545
Unique words (used once)353
Unique words (used once %)64%
Unique kanji323
Unique kanji (used once)171
Vocabulary list
Episode 13
Length (in words)1477
Words (per minute)97.4
Unique words495
Unique words (used once)272
Unique words (used once %)54%
Unique kanji297
Unique kanji (used once)142
Vocabulary list

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Unique kanji readings2060
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MAL rating count2810
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