Privacy policy

We will collect and indefinitely store the logs of every access you make to our website, along with your IP address, the URLs you've accessed, the time of access, etc. We will use this information only for general analytics, as well as for security purposes.

We do not store any text or files you might send us for analysis. We do not track you in any way besides logging your accesses to this website, and by setting a cookie on your computer when you log in so that we can identify which account you've logged into in any subsequent access.

We will store your username, your hashed password, your vocabulary lists, your review history, and any other information strictly necessary to provide you with our services. If you log in with your Google account then we will also store your email address to identify you.

Any data we do collect will not be sold nor purposefully shared with any third-parties.

We reserve the right to change these terms without notice at any time.