Visual novel difficulty list

This is a list of visual novels ranked by their difficulty, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is very easy and 10 is very hard. You can use it to find the most appropriate VN to read based on how good your Japanese is.

If you already have a VN in mind which is around your level you can also search for it, and then click on "Show details..." to see other VNs of similar difficulty.

The difficulty ratings were generated automatically by a machine learning model. If you're interested in how we calculated them take a look here. We do not distribute any copyrighted materials from any of these works; we only provide aggregate statistics.

We also have other difficulty lists if you're interested:

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Cover of Saya no Uta
Visual novel
Saya no Uta
Length (in words)63290
Unique words8748
Unique words (used once)4236
Unique words (used once %)48%
Unique kanji2021
Unique kanji (used once)331
Unique kanji readings3533
Average sentence length22.6
VNDB avg. rating8.1
VNDB rating count12211
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