Verb (5-dan, す, transitive)
1. to cure; to heal
usu. 治す
Verb (5-dan, す, transitive)
2. to fix; to correct; to repair
usu. 直す
Auxiliary verb
3. to do over again
after -masu base of verb; usu. 直す
Auxiliary verb
4. to replace; to put back as it was
usu. 直す
Auxiliary verb
5. to convert (into a different state); to transform
usu. 直す
Kanji used
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Used in vocabulary (51 in total)
to do over again; to redo; to start over; to remake; to resume; to recommence
to look at again; to re-examine (policy, estimate, plan, etc.); to review; to get a better opinion of; to see in a more positive light; to improve
to put back up; to stand back up; to restore (to former strength); to revive (e.g. the economy); to make again (a plan, policy, etc.); to reformulate
Examples (27 in total)
It was easy to fix.
This can be fixed.
Adjust your tie.